Non-Prescription Digital Glasses

that help fight the temporary effects of

Digital Eye Strain

What is Digital Eye Strain?

What is Blue Light?

With the increased use of digital devices and continual switching from one screen to the next, your eyes have to work harder. This can temporarily cause eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision. Click here for more information.

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers, and smart phones. Some types of blue light can be beneficial and help regulate our bodies’ internal biological clocks. However, other types of blue-violet light may potentially have a harmful impact on the eyes.

Foster Grant ® Eyezen™digital glasses relax your eyes and help fight the temporary effects of Digital Eye Strain.

Innovative Lenses

Eye-Catching Style

  • Incorporate a patented lens coating technology that blocks approximately 29% of potentially harmful blue light*
  • Contain SmartFocus™ technology adding a slight magnification to the lower portion of the lenses to help your eyes stay relaxed while using digital devices
  • Blue cut coating provides anti-reflective properties
  • UV 400 protection
  • Scratch resistant
  • *Harmful blue light refers to the 415-455 nanometer range of the visible light spectrum. The percentage represents the average amount of harmful blue light blocked at 5 nanometer increments in this range.

Bold fashion styles with a downtown-cool look makes
Foster Grant ® Eyezen™ a style setter's favorite. Style and protection. All for just $34.99. Neoprene case included.